• Harvest Home…by Hannah Rodgers

    The Marjorie Ruth Thomas Harvest Home is one of the great and unique ways God has used Haven of Rest to reach those in need of physical and spiritual relief. Harvest Home was constructed in 1979 in response to the drastic increase in female homelessness. When Harvest Home was first built it quickly became one of the community’s most important assets because it was one of the first shelters tailored for women and their children in this area. In March 1985 Harvest Home was set ablaze by an arsonist. The fire did extensive damage to the basement but even through the renovations the Mission found ways to help any woman who came seeking assistance.

    Harvest Home has specialized programs that allow women and children to reach their full potential. Woman can partake in Bible study, devotions, chapel services, counseling, GED classes, and Future Story. In the Future Story program, women can learn marketable skills that will help them on their way to employment. The children that come to stay at Harvest Home also have a myriad of activities available to them. They can participate in Bible study, devotions, tutoring, field trips, summer programs, and play time while their mothers are in class. The greatest asset to the children is Harvest Home’s Child Advocate, Rachel Schoff. Rachel helps children to cope with the fear, rejection, abuse, and uncertainty that have been a part of the lives of most of the children that Harvest Home serves.

    The rich history of Harvest Home has laid a strong foundation for the bright future ahead. The past thirty-seven years have been a blessing from God and we pray that He will continue to bless the Mission. Haven of Rest wants to thank all of the devoted volunteers and donors that have helped to keep our doors open and running smoothly. As you have blessed us, may God bless you and your loved ones.

    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist