Stories of Change


Tragedy, loss and suffering always bring us to a place of searching for answers. It’s finally at the bottom that we end up asking the questions of Why? Is there a reason? or Does God actually exist? For Harvey, life had reached the bottom, and the questions had started to surface.

After losing his fiancée to suicide, Harvey was plagued by guilt and depression and began drinking. His drinking continued until it was only a matter of time before he quit his job. “Then I just turned to drinking and ended up going through all of my savings,” Harvey says. With his savings depleted, he found himself evicted with nowhere else to turn, so he came to Haven of Rest.

Harvey admits, “I’ve never been religious, and in fact, this is the first place I’ve actually opened up a Bible and read it. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of different things.” Today Harvey is a resident intern at the Mission. He is reading the Bible and seeking answers. “When I do read the Bible and see something I like, I have to read it and then reread it to understand.” Harvey is learning what it means to have faith in the Lord and gain knowledge through His Word.

We at Haven of Rest are glad that Harvey is here. He is at a place where he can continue to grow in both knowledge of Christ and a true personal relationship with Him.