Stories of Change


Haven of Rest Richard's StoryIt looked like Richard was living the dream: he had a successful career and a nice home. But Richard was living a double life. “I? was the suit and tie successful guy by day, and at night I was someone else that I hated.” Richard was a cocaine addict.

Born in Canton, Ohio, Richard and his two brothers were raised by their mother after his father was killed in a car accident. He attended church regularly with his family, but never accepted Christ. After graduating high school and attending college for a while, he enlisted in the military where he spent 12 years. It was during that time that the addiction began.

“The cocaine usage started when I discovered that my wife had betrayed me in our marriage. I was devastated. Even though we continued to stay together, I couldn’t forgive her. What I thought was a temporal solution to ease my pain turned into a daily routine. I was very good at hiding it until one day I was asked to take a random drug test. What followed was a long process of being discharged from the army, returning to Dallas, and eventually my wife and I divorced.

”?When Richard’s brother became ill in 2000, Richard returned to Ohio. “I thought a change of location would help me. My career never suffered despite my addiction, but the entire time I was miserable. I always knew that something was missing,” he says.

“Then on Monday, April 20, 2010, I was driving down Market Street to get to Route 8, but for some strange reason I took a side street, something I had never done. Some guys were walking from Haven of Rest’s Client Services Center over to the dining room for breakfast. They had blocked off the road so I had to stop my car. Someone said the men were going to chapel. For reasons that I can’t begin to explain, I pulled my car into the parking lot. I had never heard of Haven of Rest, but I have been here since that day.?“

That evening a staff member was giving his hard-hitting testimony. It was what I needed to hear. I quit my job and gave away everything that I owned, including my car. It was something that I felt I had to do. I truly believe that if I hadn’t come here, I would not be alive. It has taken 52 years to get where I needed to be. But God has blessed me the entire way. He has never given up on me.”