"I came to the Mission on my own, and I'm so glad I did…I've been able to get away from the temptations that have really hurt me. I have a better perspective on my life and what God wants for me." - Joe, Haven of Rest resident

  • Abounding Love…by Matt Pryor

    What is great about the love of God is that it works in the complete opposite to the way we think! We tend to think that we have to have it “all together” before we come to God. The great reversal of God is that God loves you in spite of your failings and sin. Here are Haven of Rest we want the many men, women and children who come to the Mission to know that they are deeply loved by God. This can be hard to accept if your whole life you have been told that you are not worthy or good enough to be loved. But through the staff’s words and actions we hope to reverse the negative … Read More

  • The Resilience of Children…by Rachel Shoff

    What has struck me watching the children that live at the Harvest Home currently and those that have stayed at Harvest Home since I began working as Child Advocate, is that finding that “fresh start” can be very difficult.  Children are so resilient, and even in the darkest days, kids have the ability to step away from their grief for a time to play and to be a kid.  But despite this God-given ability to retain their sense of youth, some of the kids who come to Harvest Home have deeply troubled hearts stemming from mistreatment, uncertainty, adult-like responsibility, and fear. In the last week, we had two children from two separate families spend time in a psychiatric unit because … Read More

  • Thanks! …by Katrina Henry

    There are days when you get a word of “Thanks” and you know that you are in the right place at the right time of your life.  During the holiday season I experienced several days like that. Christmas time can be difficult for families who are going through personal and financial challenges. It can bring up past memories or be a reminder of current situations. It’s amazing how opportunities arises to pray with someone. Here are two of many stories that demonstrates how God used me during the holiday season. A young lady came to sign up for Christmas Help. As we began to talk, I could see that she wanted to know much more about Jesus. Curiously, she asked … Read More

  • God’s Love … by Matt Pryor

    Here at Haven of Rest, we believe it is our call to be a glimpse of God’s love. So many of the guests that come to Haven of Rest have burdens, hardships, addiction issues and an overall feeling of separateness and alienation.  As a staff it is our joy to show the love of Christ to these guests. When I think of our call here at the Mission, I’m reminded of a quote: “Most of us were taught that God would love us if and when we change. In fact, God loves you so that you can change. What empowers change, what makes you desirous of change is the experience of love. It is that inherent experience of love that … Read More

  • The Great Comforter …by Jim Cole

    A few weeks ago an old friend of mine passed away from a terminal hereditary disease. Another friend suffered a miscarriage. The sense of loss and sadness is heavy and at times overwhelming. Words tend to fail us when we seek to provide comfort. Often just being there and available is the best we have to offer. 2 Corinthians 1:4 “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” In ways we will likely never fully understand, God can redeem the deep heartaches of life and bring about something beautiful. For many we minister to at Haven of Rest, … Read More

  • The Gift of God’s Love …by Aimee Pryor

    Christmas has arrived at Harvest Home! Walking through the building you will see a Christmas tree in almost every room. Decorations are up and bring out that childlike wonder of excitement and joy that come with the Christmas holiday. You should see the children gazing at the trees and lights! They light up with joy! Christmas can be a joyous time for many families, however for the women and children staying at Harvest Home it can be difficult. Yet they know that for this season in their lives God has brought them here for a purpose to receive the help they need to restore what they have lost. As staff, we aim to make Christmas as enjoyable and comforting as … Read More

  • The Heart of a Child …by Mike Solosky

    About a month ago I was contacted by the mother of an 11 year old girl who attends a local suburban middle school. The mother told me that her daughter came up with the idea to collect blue jeans for Haven of Rest. Apparently the mother had asked her daughter to clean some things out of her closet and her daughter came up with this idea. Mom asked if we needed blue jeans and I said yes since we give clothing away to about 1,400 people every month. At my suggestion the mother, daughter and a few friends from her girl scout troop came in for a tour on a Saturday morning so they could find out about Haven of … Read More

  • Never Too Far Gone …by Jacob Anderson

    A favorite passage of mine in the Bible is the Parable of the Lost Son (Also known as the Prodigal son). This story, found in Luke 15:11-31, is one of the many parables Jesus gave to the Pharisees. In the story, Jesus talks about a father and his two sons. The younger son wanted his promised inheritance early from his father. The father agreed with him and gave him his portion of the inheritance. Just a few days later, the younger son packed his belongings and moved away. While away, the younger son blew his money living a sinful lifestyle. He was focused only on himself and his desires. It did not take long for him to completely run out … Read More