Andrea found hope and encouragement when she needed it most — thanks to YOU!

When Andrea first came to Haven of Rest’s Harvest Home shelter for women, she was pregnant and feeling hopeless and alone. She had also just dropped out of high school.

Her parents were disappointed. Andrea wasn’t meeting the high standards they — especially her pastor dad — held for her.
Here at Harvest Home, a shelter for women and children in crisis situations, Andrea found hope and encouragement.


With the Mission’s help, Andrea got back on her feet. She was able to get a job at McDonald’s and move from Harvest Home into an apartment. Andrea even reunited with her parents and returned to the family’s church.

Unfortunately, when her dad died, Andrea spiraled into a dark place. She was introduced to alcohol and drugs. Sadly, due to her addiction, Andrea lost custody of her children. Though Andrea wasn’t arrested, she was charged with neglect. At the time, Andrea was pregnant with her fourth child.


Because Andrea’s youngest daughter had speech problems and her fourth child, a son, was born with epilepsy, life was a struggle. “It was a long road ahead of me. I knew then that I had to get myself together in order to get my children back,” she says.

“I was sitting in my room one day thinking back on my life. When I got pregnant with my first child, I remember the case manager
at Haven of Rest saying to me, ‘Your children are going to be depending on you. You have to be a strong woman. No one is going to take care of your baby like you. Get it together.’”

“Thank you to all
the supporters of
Haven of Rest.”
— Andrea


Remembering that conversation motivated Andrea to do everything she could to get her children back and to become a better mother.

Andrea joined a church and received the support and encouragement she needed to raise her children. She also went back to school to get her GED. Today, Andrea works at a healthcare staffing company where she has many opportunities to meet young women.

“I pray for someone to help and encourage every day, even if it is with a simple hug,” she says. Andrea is also in her last year of
college. Soon she will receive her Associate Degree in Culinary Arts. Her dream is to open a diner that serves breakfast 24 hours a day.

In addition, Andrea teaches English as a second language as a volunteer. Soon, she hopes to volunteer at Haven of Rest to give back out of thankfulness for the help and hope she received many years ago.

To guests visiting the Mission, Andrea says, “They have landed in the right place. Get ready for a real-life makeover. Stick to the process because it is a process. No matter what the road looks like ahead, it will work out for your good.”

Andrea is also grateful for you! She says, “Thank you to all the supporters of Haven of Rest. Without the Haven of Rest, there would be no stories like mine.”

In her time of need, Andrea found a safe place to live, nourishing food to eat and the hope and encouragement she needed during a dark time. Please give to meet the needs of others in our community who are hurting and hungry this Thanksgiving. Thank you!

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