Grateful to Be Alive

“I suffered from depression so much, I didn’t care about anything. I went down this rabbit hole and let my job go, stopped paying bills, and lost everything, including my home.”

Homeless and destitute, Anthony went to live with a dear friend for a short while before his friend found Haven of Rest online. Anthony was drawn to the Mission because of the Discipleship program where he felt he could get the help he needed.

He said he went through very dark times after his first son Dominic committed suicide shortly after completing his tour of duty in the military 7 years ago. Anthony had a tough time dealing with such a devastating loss, but now has come to a place of peace and acceptance. He knows the Lord is in control and has learned from the messages he hears at Chapel Services. He is now leaning on God as he deals with his problems.

“I like the structure here that Staff provides. Everyone here brings different things to the table and I try to soak it up like a sponge. When I have a bad day, I don’t get depressed anymore.”

Three months since entering the program, Anthony is in Work Therapy, and he is improving his computer skills in The Learning Center. He also enjoys the Bible-based classes, Discipleship programs, and Daily Devotions.

“My goal is to get everything I can get out of my time here, both spiritually and educationally. I look forward to whatever God leads me to do next. My thoughts of suicide are gone and I wake up and know what I want to do today. I tell Satan ‘no’, he can’t win. I know Christ has me as long as I put my hope, trust, thoughts, and beliefs in Him. I can make it day-to-day.”

Today,  Anthony speaks to his ex-wife on occasion and with God’s help is re-establishing his relationship with his mom & second son Vincent. He asks for prayer to continually keep his eyes on the Lord and receive ongoing guidance.

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