Brent knew he had to get serious about changing his life and the following Monday, he called Jason Hubbard at Haven of Rest Ministries. He made the commitment to the Residential program at the Mission and shares, “It is the best decision I ever made in my life. I was 127 pounds while using drugs, and I know I would have ended up dead on the streets.”

Brent’s parents divorced when he was eight and he said he did not have ‘much of a relationship’ with his dad. Then at 13, his friends introduced him to drugs in High School. After his mom could not tolerate it anymore, she kicked him out. Thus at 16, he went to live with his drug using friends and began to experience the transient lifestyle.

Today, Brent has been at the Mission for 9 months and works as a 3rd shift intern in the Men’s Day Room where he helps men come out of their paranoia. He says he is so thankful for a supportive staff and shares, “I would recommend this place to everybody because it met my needs. I met a lot of good people who really care for me. God changed everything and I see things differently now.” He adds he was able to repair his health at Haven of Rest Ministries.

His proud mom and stepdad came all the way from West Virginia to see him perform in the choir in March at the Mission’s Dinner in Hartville . Brent feels the Lord leading him to regularly attend church and Bible studies at the Chapel in Akron. He plans to find a job after his internship and sustainable housing in Akron. Please keep Brent in your prayers, and he asks we pray for his family’s health and well-being.

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