After so many wasted years, Brian finally found a new life at the Mission — thanks to YOU!

From his earliest days, Brian’s life revolved around drugs, violence and crime. With little guidance from a single mom who claimed he “ruined” her life, this self-described wild child was running with a biker gang in his teens and hooked on hard drugs — cocaine, meth and LSD. By 18, he was already doing his first stint in jail. More time behind bars followed, including a sentence for a shooting. “I was super hateful and had no care for anyone,” he says.

After multiple failed marriages, years lost in drug use and countless run-ins with the law, Brian finally recognized all he had lost. “Sitting in my house, strung out on drugs, surrounded by meth and cash, I just stood up and told everyone to get out,” he says.

Brian took off walking, eventually finding himself in front of the Mission. Somehow, the word “Rest” in our name grabbed his attention. That resonated with him. Brian found himself crying. “The next thing I know,” he says, “I’m in the Mission’s residential program for men.”


It was hard for Brian to leave the only life he’d ever known. He had trouble trusting God and really struggled. And he was grief-stricken over the death of his daughter killed in a drive-by shooting.

But through God’s grace — and your generosity — Brian has been able to rebuild his life on a foundation of faith. He has eagerly taken advantage of all that the Mission offers, including help with overcoming his addiction, spiritual guidance, career development and much more.

Brian says he especially appreciates the Mission’s focus on authentic manhood. “I’m soaking it up like a sponge. I’m leaning on the Lord and seeing how He is moving in my life,” he says.

And while it hasn’t been easy, Brian acknowledges, he is taking it seriously. “God opened my eyes. Coming here is one of the best things that has happened to me. I came to know Christ.”

If it wasn’t for the staff here . . . I would probably be dead. — Brian


What does the future hold for Brian? Right now, he’s working as an intern at the Mission, helping other residents with their restoration. Because he has been where they are, Brian has a good rapport with the other men. He says, “I want to get involved with this ministry. I get a lot of joy out of the program. I get to see people become children of God.”

Brian can’t say enough about how you, through your prayers and financial partnership, have helped him grow. “My heart has truly changed. I can forgive and love. If it wasn’t for the staff here, I don’t think I would have figured it out. I would probably be dead.”

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