“I came to Haven of Rest after I crashed my car, lost my job, my financial savings, and then my home,” says a former Harvest Home Resident.
Looking back, it is clear to Connie how God planned for her to be rescued at the Mission. She attended the women’s
Recovery Education Classes led by Isobel Faltisco, Harvest Home Case Manager, as well as AA meetings, and the Mission’s Chapel services. She
shares, “Chapel times were very important to me because I felt safe in Jesus and the Lord more than I ever had before. It shaped me into being the best me.”

Connie shares how her childhood consisted of constant trauma, physical and sexual abuse and neglect, with just a few moments of good times. She had to learn how to be independent, and escaped home early on, but then fell into using drugs, alcohol, and dysfunctional relationships to cope. It took years and an awful accident, but coming to the Mission helped her to rebuild herself without destructive coping mechanisms.

She shared how she grew from the boundaries she set up for herself utilizing Christ’s standards, through wearing an alcohol monitor,
and discovering how to overcome her addictions.

By implementing what she learned from staff, she was able to begin healing. Connie now expresses joy with the new chances provided to her
at the Mission and says how she enjoys meeting and interacting with Christian people who “pass on the glow”.

Connie now helps others who are suffering from things she had gone through. She has had a fiancé, David, for the past three years, but is waiting for God’s timing as she continues to grow in her relationship with Christ. She is saving money, going to local AA rehab meetings, and enjoying, for the last two years the transitional housing that the Mission helped her find. She also is honing her gift as an Artist as she draws, colors, paints, and sells mixed media water color prints, which have been on display at art galleries.

“People who work at Haven of Rest are great and provide a safe environment to help people grow again after the ground falls out from
under their feet. It’s a spirit filled, comfy place to connect you back to yourself and others after hard life circumstances,” Connie says.

In praying for Connie, she asks that we pray for her to have a smoother ride in the next part of her life. She hopes to eventually get
married and find a nice house for her and her future husband.

If you know of a woman who is seeking refuge or would like to tell ladies who are struggling and in poverty about Haven of Rest’s Harvest Home, please lead them to our website at or call Angela Stewart, Harvest Home Secretary, at 330-434-1149

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