Christ’s Redeeming Blood

Crack addict. Liar. Thief. This is what David called himself before arriving at Haven of Rest. As he smoked crack, lied his 

David Moss

way through touchy situations, and stole to afford more drugs, he still considered himself a man. Even though David didn’t commit to Christ as a young man, he came from a Christian background. In spite of all the grief he put his family through, they did not give up on him and prayed for him continuously.

David’s trouble began in his Junior year of high school where he was a popular star football athlete. He found himself in an altercation with another student and decided to retaliate which resulted in his prosecution during his Senior year. After graduation, he was sentenced to two years in a penitentiary and lost his high school sweetheart, scholarships, and more.

Upon being released, David who was vulnerable from his losses, hooked up with a friend who introduced him to crack. He never tried drugs, but said he started using and selling to survive. This was the beginning of his serving multiple prison sentences. Although he married in 2001, he still found himself repeating the cycle and suffered the loss of his father’s passing while behind bars.

Rock bottom came under a Cleveland bridge when he called out to God for help saying, “Lord, get me down to Akron’s Haven of Rest and I promise you I will do my best and seek you.” He heard about the Mission from another man who received help and healing. Keith Snodgrass, Men’s Day Room Social Worker, worked with David in the Client Services Center and recognized his potential. He quickly recommended David to Jason Hubbard, Residential Services Chaplain, to be a part of the Men’s Residential program.

Upon completing the interview, David committed to the Men’s Long Term Residential Program. David calls Chaplain Jason Hubbard, Residential Services Manager Jesse Schlabach, and Education Coordinator Jack Hugg the three J’s. David said, “Without the three J’s, I don’t know if I could have made it. They wouldn’t give up on me.” With guidance, he joined Wesley Temple where he gave his life to the Lord. Reverend Charles Tyler at Wesley Temple also serves as his mentor.

Nine months later, David is benefitting from all the redeeming lessons Christ poured into him through Haven of Rest. He has contributed to the Mission by singing in the choir and volunteering. David plans to stay in the Akron area with his wife and continue attending Wesley Temple. Please pray for him as he seeks employment, looks for housing, and finds opportunities to serve the Lord.

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