Arriving Defeated, Leaving Confident

When Donna arrived at Haven of Rest’s Harvest Home, she ad[1]mitted she was afraid. She didn’t know what it would be like in a new place with new people. Donna felt vulnerable, alone, and anxious, but after receiving help from staff and volunteers, she said she was glad she stayed.

“I learned they really cared about me and my baby. ”

Donna talks about the programs and services she has used to overcome her challenges and heal. She is using the Mission’s resources to help her reach her goals.

“I am at the Learning Center working to obtain my GED.”

She is continuing to use the Learning Center and its resources to help her plans on finding a good job. Donna has also completed the Nutrition and Parenting classes at Harvest Home. She shares how she enjoyed the Bible Studies and Daily Devotions which helped her to grow as well.

Coming from a tumultuous background, Donna had to overcome many circumstances that caused her to feel defeated. Her mom kept going back to their alcoholic dad who beat her mom. When Donna turned 13 years old, her dad died from cirrhosis of the liver. She was led down a wrong path, became addicted to drugs, and did not finish high school. She found herself in and out of jail. During this time, she had several relationships and bore three children. Donna’s youngest sister helped raise two of them and she gave her third child up for adoption.

After finding out she was pregnant with her 4th child, she began her sobriety journey at City Hospital. She also served a short time in jail. She was determined to go through rehab, and wrote the Judge a letter asking for help, which she was granted. When Donna’s baby was delivered, she suffered postpartum depression. Her baby, little James, was taken away from her for a month, but eventually she was able to regain custody. Not too long after that, she came to Harvest Home.

With delight, Donna talks about how she just moved into her apartment and was pleased with her surroundings. She says,

“I received all the furniture I needed in my apartment for my baby and myself. I have never had so many things given to me.”

Donna shares how she enjoyed going through the program at Harvest Home and that she would return if she felt like she needed to. With a beaming, confident countenance, she conveys she is currently 14 months sober and plans on finding a good job.

In praying for Donna, she asks that the Lord help her to remain sober, for the children’s futures, mother’s health, and growth in her Christian faith.

“I would say to someone who is struggling and just came to Harvest Home that you can do it! Just let go, and let God .”

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