We all have goals in life, things that we each hope to accomplish with our time on Earth. Some goals might be small and easier to obtain, while others are large, taking more effort and time to complete. Kenneth was no stranger to what it means to set a goal. His goal was to get his bachelor’s degree and become an elementary school teacher. The funny thing about goals is that completing them isn’t always as smooth as we would like.

Kenneth had plenty of hurdles along the way. He completed two years of college and was moving steadily toward completing his goal. He then began indulging in the partying lifestyle, which became more important than his studies. This caused him to venture down a path further away from his goal. Eventually, Kenneth dropped out of school. He found it difficult to restrain from spending money. He was rapidly losing his motivation and his drive.

Sometime later, a close friend encouraged Kenneth to look into Haven of Rest’s Residential Program; he decided to give it a try. The friend knew the program would teach Kenneth about Jesus and provide him with the structure and discipline needed to get his life back on track. Thank the Lord Kenneth took his friend’s advice and came to the Mission!

Kenneth has finished the Residential Program and is looking forward to a bright future. Through Bible classes and strong Christian mentors, he has learned to always put his trust in the Lord. Church was never a priority, and now he is an active attender at a local church where he plans to become a member.

Kenneth now has the tools he needs to be successful and stay focused on the task at hand. He has returned to school to finish his degree and even earned a spot on the Dean’s List.  “A couple of months ago, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I have hope for each new day,” says Kenneth. Please keep him in your prayers as he starts this new chapter in his life.

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