God knows just where to put you to make His plan, and often our dreams, come to pass. This is true for Latricia who stayed at Harvest Home with her daughters for five months.

When Latricia and her daughters were evicted from their home, they didn’t know where to turn. They stayed for a while with a friend from church, but they knew they couldn’t stay there forever. When they had to find a new place to stay, Latricia heard about Haven of Rest, took a leap of faith and called to see if there was room for her and her daughters. They were told that there was room for them and they moved into Harvest Home shortly after. God had just begun leading Latricia toward her dreams.

While the family stayed at the Mission, Latricia and her daughters had to take time to adjust to their new lives. They never thought they would end up in a shelter. Her steadfast trust in the Lord and support from staff made their time at the Mission very fruitful once they settled in. “Miss Rachel (Child Advocate) is wonderful. It was a lot of help that when the kids came in from school, they had a chance to go down and do things and play, and I could take that time to read after work or just lay down for an hour. Especially during devotion time, they would go downstairs and play,” said Latricia.

Devotion was one of Latricia’s favorite parts of staying at Harvest Home. She shared, “We would sing and we would read Scripture. People would tell their story or we would get a chance to share our testimonies if we wanted to.” Not only was the stay at the Mission uplifting for her, but for her girls as well. “I liked everything with Miss Rachel. She is fun,” one of her daughters shared. Her other daughter said, “I liked the field trips; all of them are the best!” But God’s blessings didn’t stop there for this family.

The whole time Latricia stayed at the Mission, she worked a regular 9-to-5 job, but her passion is cooking and catering. She shared with staff that she wanted to go into catering full-time and, all in God’s perfect timing, an opportunity presented itself.

“Yvette (Director of the Women’s Division) told me about a man who just a started a nonprofit agency, and I met with him and got into the six-month program there.” This program prepares it’s participants to move from homelessness to life as a social entrepreneur. This was just what Latricia needed for her family to move forward. “I actually finished that program and I have my own catering business now,” she shared. It is her goal to build up enough clients so she can move to catering full-time to support her family in their new home. “I have my own catering business because of the help from Harvest Home.”

Even when we think the worst thing in life has happened to us, the Lord can turn it around into the greatest blessing we could have imagined. Latricia’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.” She said, “I love that verse…I’m not ashamed.” Praise the Lord for His steadfastness and blessings to those that call on His name!

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