“Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls,” Laura said with confidence. She has this verse from Jeremiah 6 memorized and has lived her life by it through even the hardest of times.

Laura came to the Mission ready to make changes in her life. She had stayed at Harvest Home two times previously but knew this time would be different. “I always choose Haven of Rest because it is Christ-based,” said Laura. “Blessings of the Lord are all around and I feel more blessed here to do what I have to do.” Just a few days after she came to the Mission, she saw a flyer about sewing classes offered in a special program that the Mission was designing for ladies who were interested. Laura and her sister had learned to sew from their mother when they were very young. When she saw that if she did well and completed the class she could earn a sewing machine, she decided to give it a try. That decision led her right onto the path that God had for her life.

Laura took part in many programs during her time at Harvest Home, but sewing held a special place in her heart. “I learned so much about sewing with the volunteers. They are so talented and it is such a blessing that they were working with us,” she said. Laura excelled in the sewing program and earned her own sewing machine. When she moved out of Harvest Home, she started to sell her creations. She now makes purses, kitchen sets (potholders, bag holders, and soap dispensers), pillow cases, grocery bags and even does alterations!

Laura gives all the glory to the Lord. “He’s the one that brought me here to get involved with this program,” Laura said. “Prior to coming to sewing class I prayed to the Lord and asked for direction and something to do and He provided for me. He did.” She even has a dream of teaching young girls to sew so she can give back and share the gift that she has been blessed with. Even though Laura has come such a long way, God is not done with her story.

Recently, Laura got the opportunity to apply for a small business loan and is working on achieving her dream of building a business to sell her products. There is a lot of work to do for the application, but she is confident that the Lord will provide all she needs. “God always maps out your direction. He is in control of everything,” she said. Let us all pray that Laura will continue to follow the Lord’s path for her life and continue to bless her sewing efforts.

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