Michael’s Transformation

Michael did not have the life of most children. By the time he was 5 years of age, his mother passed. This caused him to crawl into a shell from that point on. Although Michael’s father was a psychologist and had tried to help his son, his father was also dealing with his wife’s death and problems of his own. Michael remained depressed. By the time Michael was ten, his father remarried. Even though he had a good family life and went camping and boating, things were still out of sorts. By the time Michael was 13, he was experimenting with alcohol with some older friends, which induced major depression because of his chemical imbalance. Then when Michael was 23 years old, his dad took his own life which contributed to Michael’s downward spiral of chemical addiction.

Here is what Michael had to share.

One of the reasons I developed major depression was because of the chemical imbalance and tried to beat it on my own. I fell in love and married at age 25, had two biological daughters and a stepson. However, I was unfaithful to my wife, was bipolar, snapped, disassociated from life, and tried to commit suicide. We divorced, and afterwards made five more suicide attempts.

In 2019, I was found walking down the middle of the street in traffic and a police officer tried to help me. I reached for his gun to try to kill myself, but the police officer restrained me and charged me with assault. I was in prison for 18 months. During my stay there, I spent the entire time reading the Bible, praying for a place to go. After I was released, I came straight to the Mission.

“If I had not come to Haven of Rest, I probably would have gone out to get an ordinary job and cycle back into depression and drinking. ”

I didn’t know what to expect when I came. However, I focused and took part in many of the programs and services like the Bible-based classes, Career Development, Work Therapy, and Disciple[1]ship program. I have become a better Disciple because of the programs here.

“Serving Others is Helping Me Heal.”

The internship program I am in now is helping me heal. I help assist Clients throughout the day with their needs, answer phone calls, and help with their questions so that the Case Manager and Social Workers have time to serve the Clients in the Men’s Day Room.

I would say to someone who just came to Haven of Rest and is still struggling, to know this is a wonderful place to start if you are serious in getting sober and turning your life over to Christ.

My biggest prayer is that my family come together and heal. My goal is to walk the Appalachian Trail, become closer to God, and when I come back, I hope to find employment serving others in a Christian setting.

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