“Do not be deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” 1 Corinthians 15:33. Soran learned the truth of this verse personally. Running with the wrong crowd in high school landed him in more trouble than he ever expected. However, before that, Soran was serious about his faith. He was raised in a Christ-centered home where attending church and being involved in Bible studies was a priority. His parents instilled in him the knowledge of what a relationship with God means and taught him the difference between right and wrong.

Soran’s life took a turn in high school. He was spending less and less time in God’s Word and started associating with the wrong crowd. His original intention was to use his knowledge and love for the Lord as a way to help his classmates. Yet, as the analogy goes, When standing on a ladder, it is easier for someone to pull you down than it is for you to pull them up. Soran learned how easily he could be influenced by the wrong crowd and how difficult it can be to stay firm in Christ.

After high school, Soran’s reckless living continued. Drugs became his new love. His Christian upbringing had become something of the past. Soran’s brother knew Haven of Rest’s chaplain, Jason Hubbard, through Emmaus Bible College. He gave his brother Jason’s phone number to call when he was ready to accept help. Finally, after admitting his life was out of control, Soran picked up the phone and called Jason. Within days he was at Haven of Rest, ready to change.

At the Mission, Soran received counseling and the opportunity to attend Bible classes and participate in the Ministry’s Education and Career Development Programs. As a Resident, Soran was able to do what he loved best: help other men. This proved to benefit his personal growth as well. “Working in the Men’s Day Room and seeing their struggles was a great incentive to stay on track and not go back to my previous lifestyle,” he says.

Once Soran completed the one-year Residential Program, he moved to South Carolina to work with his brother. He was surrounded by a Christian community that encouraged him to grow even deeper in his relationship with the Lord. Soran studied at Emmaus Bible College and he hopes to move back to South Carolina near his brother and attend culinary school once he has completed the Bible certificate program at Emmaus.

When asked about his journey over the last several years, Soran responded, “After coming to Haven of Rest, I love Christ even more because I have a deeper understanding of what He has done for me and a clearer grasp of God’s Word.”

We are so glad that Soran is growing deeper and closer to the Lord each day. Please keep him in your prayers as he pursues the next chapter of his life.

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