Lots of moms tell their children, “You can do anything you set your mind to,” but Terah’s mom proved it. A single mother of two, she did everything in her power to keep their stomachs full and their home safe. “My mom and I were very close,” says Terah, “and everything went downhill right after her death.”

When her mother suddenly passed away, Terah was a mother of four and was only six months away from finishing college. “Mom called me and said that she had a bad headache and didn’t feel good,” Terah remembers. “She told me not to bring the kids until later that day. Before I could even get them dressed, she was being rushed to the hospital.” That day, Terah’s mother took her last breath, and a part of Terah died with her.

Overwhelmed by her mother’s passing, Terah struggled to concentrate during her classes. Financial challenges mounted, leading her to drop out during her final semester. When her mother’s house was foreclosed on, Terah and her children—who had been living there at the time—turned to their relatives for support. “At that point,” she says, “we would either have nowhere to go or I just had to split them up.” Faced with homelessness, her children were taken in by various family members.

With her children scattered across town, Terah called a homeless hotline to find shelter for herself. That’s when she was referred to Haven of Rest. “If I hadn’t made it into the Mission that night,” she says, “then I wouldn’t have had anywhere to go.”

It wasn’t until Terah came here that she really began dealing with the loss of her mother. “The staff helped me be more open, whereas I used to just keep things bottled up,” she says. “I learned a lot from them–different ways to handle things and how to understand the Bible and apply it to my life.”

The generous support of friends like you has given Terah’s entire family a new beginning. Because of you, she is finally finishing her pharmacy tech degree while working at a local daycare. She recently moved into an apartment and looks forward to reuniting her children under one roof again very soon.

Being here gave me the chance to start fresh,” she says. Thank you for helping families like Terah’s build the foundation of a bright future.

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