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“There’s an increase in people coming to the Mission for food, and a slight dip in volunteers.  Like a fireman fighting a fire,” he said, “nonprofits are being careful not to run into the burning building, but to walk in with a plan. We’re walking through it, and creating the best strategies we can.”         ~ Rev. Jeff Kaiser – Akron Beacon Journal


To view Haven of Rest’s video online click on the link below.


Hello friends,

This is Jeff Kaiser of Haven of Rest Ministries.

With the coronavirus outbreak in our nation I would like to speak for a moment of proactive steps that the Mission is taking.

Cleaning and sanitation has always been a priority at Haven of Rest and we have brought the cleaning and sanitizing of the Mission to a heightened level. Working stations are wiped and sanitized daily. Washing of hands has always been a standard of the Mission and this continues, in addition, daily education to staff and guests has been implemented.

Haven of Rest is also taking extra precautions, as much as possible, for our guests. The Mission is following the recommendations through our Health Department community leaders and our Health Systems, which we are blessed to have and they are top notch.

The Mission has been around for 77 years, and as always we will lean on God’s wisdom as well as other professionals with knowledge of this virus. You are a blessing and your support to this organization is important to us as we minister to those in need.

To view Haven of Rest’s video online click on the link below.

A Message From The CEO

God Bless,

Rev. Jeff Kaiser, CEO

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