Messages from the CEO

Dear Friends,

As summer ends and the fall season starts, we’re each stepping back into our routines. Maybe for you it’s a hot cup of coffee every morning before work. Or reading a storybook with your children each night. But a man struggling on the streets doesn’t have a routine. Neither does the child living out of a car with their single mother.

There’s no bed to make, no breakfast each morning, and no bedtime teethbrushing. Everything that should be consistent is missing. They’re hungry, worn out, and unsure if they’ll every find stability.

You help provide individuals and families in Akron with essential needs and solutions that lead to self-suficiency.

Because of your compassion, men, women, and children can build a firm foundation after hunger and homelessness. Then, they can start to establish those daily routines that bring back a feeling of normalcy.

Thank you for helping us restore stability, dignity, and hope. You truly are changing lives with God’s love!

In Christ,

Rev. Jeff Kaiser, CEO

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