Messages from the CEO

Hello Friends,

We are in an ever-changing situation that is affecting all of us daily. In early March, none of us knew how much our lives would change. Now, we are all making adjustments in our every day routines and schedules due to COVID-19.

We have been through some difficult days and I can’t imagine as a child how he/she may be feeling about their first day of school. Instead of the normalcy of thinking about things like who their new teachers will be, which other kids will be in their class, what they will wear on that first morning, and how much homework they will face with homelessness added to the equation, the first day of school will bring a whole new level of anxiety.

We at Haven of Rest Harvest Home have been working hard to ensure that the needs for the children that are here with us will be as stress free as possible. Our ‘Safe Harbor’ room will be used for studying and helping with technology as much as possible. Haven of Rest will do all we can to continue supporting the children and providing them with access to their education.

Thank you for your support-and don’t forget to continue being safe!


God Bless,

Rev. Jeff Kaiser, CEO

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