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The Haven of Rest Ministries Endowment Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that exists solely for the benefit of Haven of Rest Ministries. When a gift is given to the Foundation, it becomes one of perpetuity, providing – through investment – funds that are used by Haven of Rest to maintain its Christ-centered outreach to hurting people. Gifts to the Foundation may consist of cash, stocks, closely held securities, real estate, or personal property.

Terry R. Hollister, President, Haven of Rest Ministries Endowment Foundation

Management of the Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors whose members adhere to Haven of Rest’s statement of faith and serve without remuneration. The Haven of Rest Ministries Endowment Foundation affords you an opportunity to help make sure Haven of Rest, both now and in the future, will always have the financial resources needed to minister effectively to men, women and children in need.

Over and over we are told by people who care about the long-term continuing impact of Haven of Rest that if they knew they could do more for this important ministry, they absolutely would. If you feel this way, please take the time to get an answer to this question – because if you knew you could do more for Haven of Rest, wouldn’t you? Please ask your financial professional to help you evaluate whether you have the ability to do more beyond what you and your family require. Many individuals and families do, but most don’t know they do.

Supporting the great, life-changing work of Haven of Rest, may be within your reach both during your lifetime and afterwards. Planning in advance you can get the expertise and understanding you need now to empower a life and a legacy of even greater impact and purpose. Don’t make the mistake many have made in the past and assume you cannot provide a legacy gift.

Below is one real life story of what may be possible.

John and Mary had the benefit of John’s great pension from his former employer and had saved and accumulated well inside their qualified retirement plans. Their need for annual income was very small, thanks to the combined benefits of John’s pension and both of their respective social security benefits. They chose to guarantee a family legacy by purchasing a survivorship life insurance policy that would provide a 100% income tax free inheritance to their children and grandchildren. They used annual income they didn’t need for themselves, from their investments, to fund this new policy. With this new guaranteed “legacy” asset in place, they changed their plan and began taking advantage of the tax law provision at age 70 that permits them to give up to $100,000 annually directly to charity. They could qualify this as their IRS required minimum distribution. Additionally, they changed the beneficiaries on their retirement accounts to 50% to Haven of Rest and 50% to their other favorite charity. This zeroed out all income tax on these retirement assets after their death. In the end, the family received an increased after-tax inheritance and Haven of Rest and another excellent charitable organization were blessed beyond measure by the sizeable gifts this average family took the time and initiative to setup with the help of their financial professionals.

What is possible for you? We urge you to find out. For more information please contact your Financial Planner.

Endowment Foundation Board of Directors

Karen H. Coffey

T. Randall Fairfax

Terry R. Hollister, President

Christopher S. Humphrey

Dan Kever

Michael R. Kura

Rick Merolla, Secretary/Treasurer

Terry Smith

Rev. Ben W. Walker, Vice President

Your Gift of $115 helps 60 people
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