AfterCare and Alumni Programs

Our AfterCare and Alumni Programs are designed to encourage and support former residents to maintain a life free of addiction through regular events like Bible studies, group meetings and guest speakers.

Through this AfterCare ministry, we maintain regular contact with former residents who are once again living on their own. The objective is to offer these individuals the assistance and encouragement they need to keep their newly established lives on track. AfterCare is a personalized follow-up ministry to help men and women during the transition from the Mission to their new home.

This ministry provides encouragement and accountability to help them deal with real-life situations. AfterCare emphasizes the importance of strengthening their relationship with God.

Our Alumni Program is an outreach ministry for the men and women leaving the Mission’s residential programs. The program provides additional encouragement and accountability during the transition from the Mission to the world. It is a multifaceted ministry and consists of AfterCare and the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a network of former residents who come together to help encourage one another. The Association provides education and fellowship, as well as opportunities to serve. The men’s Alumni Association meets every Tuesday night at the Mission.

Why do we need an Alumni Program?

The Resident’s lives are stabilized and their problems brought under control through the structured and sheltered environment at the Mission. When they leave, they have a strong sense of purpose and added meaning to their lives. However, this success can quickly vanish if they revert back to their old ways of coping with problems. Sometimes they begin associating with friends from their past who provide a strong negative influence exerted on them through repeated temptations, which can ultimately cause them to relapse.

Since the Alumni have gained the knowledge necessary during their stay at the Mission to prevent relapse, they only need to apply this knowledge to their daily lives. We try to provide departing Residents with additional encouragement and support to help them strengthen their resolve and commitment. This way, they are not alone as they relearn through experience how to handle real-world issues and the tough times that come to everyone.

Together, the follow-up ministry of Haven of Rest enables men to have continuing support from the Mission after they leave the program. These ministries provide them with:


  • A User-defined Program
  • Encouragement/Accountability
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Crisis Help
  • Practical Application
  • Home Visits
  • Flexible Appointment Schedules

Alumni Association

  • Encouragement/Accountability
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Peer Advice
  • Fellowship
  • Networking
  • Service Opportunities
  • Education
  • Socials
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