Men’s Ministry

Our goal is to see lives transformed through the power of the Gospel. We offer a biblically based program that provides an opportunity for recovery and rehabilitation in a safe, structured environment.

Men’s Residential Program’s Basic Admission Criteria

  • At least 18 years old
  • Free of sex offenses and current pending charges
  • Physically able to perform work therapy assignments
  • Willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Serious about a life change
  • Open to the message of Christ
  • Willing to commit to a minimum stay of 9-12 months

Application and Interview Process: The individual desiring help must initiate a phone conversation with the Chaplain to discuss scheduling an intake interview. All interviews are conducted on-site at Haven of Rest Ministries.

Program Objectives

  • Freedom from life-controlling issues—Addiction is the primary reason men seek the program for help. Our goal is to see men maintain continuous sobriety.
  • Providing a biblical worldviewAs a Christ-centered program, we believe that God and His word speaks to and shapes every aspect of life. Our goal is to impart basic Biblical literacy that leads to the practical application of these truths.
  • Work and sustained employmentA major factor in the ongoing success of an individual is finding and maintaining sustainable employment. Our goal is to equip men with the necessary tools to find and keep a job.
  • Maintaining healthy communityGod created us to be relational beings. As such, vibrant connections to positive relationships that include a solid church community with which to grow are essential. Our goal is to see men connected to a local church and to a mentor.
  • Obtaining sustainable housingAddictions and a transient lifestyle often accompany one another. As a program that serves many homeless guests, our goal is to see men providing for their own sustainable housing needs.

Program Components

  • Spiritual DevelopmentThis component includes daily devotions, Bible-based classes and church attendance. Insight is also gained through a mentoring relationship. The goal is spiritual transformation and an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Case Management/CounselingEach man has personal and public issues that need to be addressed. Our staff and other partnering ministries strive to offer personal counsel and Spirit-led insight into the life of each resident.
  • Education and Career DevelopmentThe Learning Center is designed to assist residents with obtaining their high school diploma, if needed, and to improve his reading, grammar, math, and computer skills. The Career Development Coordinator assists in preparing residents for a successful job search.
  • Work TherapyThis is designed to teach men basic serving skills. Residents learn how to live in community and to develop life skills such as service, submission to Biblical authority, thankfulness, self-control, trust, patience, forgiveness, grace, respect and relationships. It also teaches skills that will be valuable in the workplace, such as: being at work on time, completing a task as assigned and checking out with a supervisor.
  • AfterCareAs our men prepare to transition from the program, it is essential they have a support network. Our AfterCare Coordinator will assist men as they move into long-term sustainable housing. They assist the men by providing one-on-one Bible studies, weekly alumni meetings, budgeting tips, transportation to and from various appointments, and help seeking a local church home.

Men’s Day Room Ministry

The Men’s Day Room is the entry point for homeless men to begin the rehabilitation process that will lead to the stabilization and re-establishment of their lives.

As men come in off the streets, they find a variety of essential services available to them, including laundry, showers and mail pick-up. In addition, there are counseling rooms where they can meet privately with Haven of Rest staff or other social service agency workers to discuss problems and needs. Classroom space is also provided for life skills training, Bible studies and group meetings.

Lodging Ministry

The Client Services Center’s 100-bed dormitory provides safe, clean lodging for homeless men who might otherwise spend their nights alone or in danger on the streets. The dormitory includes a special 10-bed dormitory that is used by men who have secured night jobs and need a place to sleep during the day.

Men's Program Intake Form

Men's Residential Program
Have you ever worked with a mental health professional? (If so, who and when)
Have you ever been clinically diagnosed with: (Check all that apply)
1. Described your current spiritual beliefs. 2. What part does God play in your life/recovery plan?
1. What is the major problem that has caused you to seek help at the time? 2. How long has this been a problem? 3. Why did you decide to seek help at this time?> (why not last week? Why not next week?

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