A chain reaction of transformation

Wynette made an impact her whole life – thanks to your generosity.

Wynette was no stranger to suffering. Her whole life, it seemed struggles waited for her around every turn. As a young girl growing up without a mother, she carried unimaginable grief. The burden only grew heavier when her father passed away from alcoholism. Wynette soon found herself facing the same addiction.

Fifteen years of dangerously using drugs and alcohol passed before she found herself at Haven of Rest’s Harvest Home. She knew she couldn’t wait any longer to get help, and she joined an intensive outpatient program.

The road to healing looked long. In the following months, Wynette found a steady job, accepted Christ as her Savior, and became an intern at the Haven of Rest. But her transformation didn’t stop when she completed her internship.


As she set her heart and mind to recovering from addiction and grief, Wynette quickly became a beacon of light to everyone around her. She was hired full[1]time by Haven of Rest and continued to work at Harvest Home for over 24 years. There was no work she cherished more than helping others who were lost in the struggles she once faced.


Wynette made a generational impact

Nothing could hinder Wynette’s devotion to serving. Even when she had found herself face to face with terrifying health challenges over the years — sarcoidosis, breast cancer, two strokes, a hip repair, and two brain surgeries — she not once asked, “Why me?” Instead, she repeatedly asked every doctor when she could go back to work.

Through all her years of struggle, Wynette ministered to others experiencing brokenness. From loss . . . to addiction . . . to diagnoses after diagnoses. She had known what it felt like to reach hope on the other side of hardship and hopelessness. And she wanted every person she came in contact with to reach that hope too.

When asked about her proudest accomplishment, Wynette would say, “My recovery and 27 years of uninterrupted sobriety.” She showed everyone what it looks like to love deeply, fight the good fight, and fully surrender to God.

“My proudest accomplishment is my recover…”  - Wynette

Now,  Wynette is pain-free, whole, and at home with her Heavenly Father. It’s stories like hers that live on for generations. Wynette is an example that one life changed means many lives changed.

That’s the chain reaction impact you support with your generous giving. You help other women facing unique challenges find the strength and courage — just like Wynette did — to start new.

It’s because of your compassion and God’s grace that many women who walk through Harvest Home’s doors will find healing . . . and then go on to change even more lives.

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