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  • Abide With Me…by Hannah Rodgers

    Have you ever heard a phrase or song lyric and it just hits a chord within you, even if you have heard it a thousand times before? It’s heavenly, the moment that you hear the voice of the Lord speaking to you through the words of another person. Recently I had this experience as I was listening to my favorite hymn, ‘Abide With Me’. I have loved the hymn since I was a little girl and as I listened this time to one of my favorite renditions (you can find it here: the Lord helped me understand it in a new way. I have heard it said that when people come to rescue missions, or any other homeless shelter, … Read More

  • Two Blankets…by Hannah Rodgers

    Sometimes as we move through life we can lose sight of how God is moving around us every moment of the day. What a blessing it is when God wakes us up to His work and it is almost as if you can hear Him saying, “Pay attention! What’s happening here is important and a gift from Me!” I had one such experience recently at the Mission. I was taking my turn at the front desk answering the many important phone calls that reach Haven of Rest each day. My morning had been busy and my to-do list was through the roof. My mind was in about 30 places at once as I answered phone calls, fret about a due … Read More

  • Q&A with Lynne, Banquet Coordinator…by Hannah Rodgers

    Spring banquet season is here at Haven of Rest Ministries! Banquets are such an immensely special time at the Mission. It is a time of sharing, fellowship, and praise for all the Lord has done and continues to do at Haven of Rest. I had the joy of talking with Lynne Taylor, Banquet Coordinator, about the banquets this year. Below you will find our Q&A session. Her answers are insightful and informative for people learning about banquets for the first time as well as people who attend every year.   Hannah: What should people expect when they come? Lynne: Experience a delicious dinner and an encouraging, uplifting program. Usually there are two testimonies given of people’s lives before they came … Read More

  • Mission Matters…by Hannah Rodgers

    The time I spent studying nonprofits during my undergrad would have been time wasted if I hadn’t learned these two words: mission matters. In this case, my instructors were talking about mission statements, sometimes called purpose statements, for nonprofit organizations. Each nonprofit has a reason for existing and that purpose should be clearly expressed in their mission statement. This sentence or two is what draws volunteers, donors, board members, and employees to the organization and gets them excited about serving. The mission of an organization should be the driving force in all decisions and always in the forefront of the minds of its leaders. Here is the mission statement for Haven of Rest Ministries: The purpose of Haven of Rest … Read More

  • Snow…by Hannah Rodgers

    Snow. For some, this word insights an involuntary shiver and a sudden need to have a vacation on the beach, but for others it spurs their adventurousness and they make any excuse to go out and romp in the snow drifts. I find myself in the middle of this spectrum; snow is lovely to see floating around outside as I am snuggled up with my cats and a good book by a fireplace, but I would generally prefer to stay in, where my feet and hands will stay warm and dry. The very best thing about snow, in my opinion, is how quiet it makes the world. There is really nothing like it. As I was loading my groceries in … Read More

  • New Year…by Hannah Rodgers

    At the beginning of the New Year, so many people have good intentions and put their best effort into changing their lives for the better with New Year resolutions. In 2016, the top three resolutions were to enjoy life to the fullest, live a healthier lifestyle, and lose weight, according to the Huffington Post. I’m sure most of these will continue to be popular for people in 2017 as well. Unfortunately, lots of people start off resolutions very well by eating more vegetables and getting a gym membership, but by the end of January they fall back into their old ways. The biggest problem that I find with myself is that I get in the way of my own good … Read More

  • No Room…by Hannah Rodgers

    And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7 No room. What a devastating phrase. Imagine that first Christmas; Mary and Joseph were trying to find a place to have their baby, but there was no room anywhere. They finally settle in to give birth to the Lord of Lords in a stable – the only place available. Christ Jesus came to Earth to pay the ultimate price for our sins and His welcoming party likely included, besides His parents, donkeys, sheep, and other stable animals. And praise the Lord that Jesus came; without Him, we would be … Read More

  • When Holidays Hurt…by Hannah Rodgers

    The end-of-year holidays are upon us; it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless it’s not… For some, the holidays are something to look forward to all year. But to others, it is a time of sadness. Whether the holidays bring stress, painful memories, or fills your heart with the joy of the season, it is certainly an emotional time of year. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 reads, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” For those of us who are filled with the joy of the season, it can be easy to praise God. But for our neighbors who are struggling through this time of year, it can be hard … Read More

  • Seasons of Life…by Hannah Rodgers

    In the autumn months, changes are all around us. Trees transform in bursts of color; wardrobes transition from shorts and sandals to sweaters and boots; instead of reaching for a cool glass of lemonade, we welcome a warm mug of pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider; even wildlife changes as animals stock up for the cold months and birds head south to avoid the chill to come. For me, it is difficult to go through this season of change without thinking about the changes that come with the different seasons of our lives. Some seasons I look back on and smile, like growing up alongside my brothers and sister and playing the days away without a care in the … Read More

  • Eyes on the Prize, Part Two…by Hannah Rodgers

    Last blog post I introduced the idea of our life journey being like rowing a row boat. If you missed it you can read it here. Short recap: we are rowing a row boat like the guy in the photo above, back facing our future, only able to see what we have gone through in the past. Again, we aren’t necessarily fixated on the past, it is just all we can see and understand as we row through our lives. Now, to me, that is mildly horrifying. While I sat in my Bible study, thinking about this analogy and how it applied to my life, I realized how scary the future could seem. How will I know if there … Read More