How you helped Amy find a fresh start after years of secretly battling addiction.

“Hectic. Stressful. Toxic.”

That’s how Amy describes her life before the Mission. “I was a functional alcoholic until I just couldn’t function anymore,” she says. Amy loved her job, but the environment and the people encouraged a cycle of overworking and
over drinking.

Secretly battling an addiction while trying to fulfill the demands of her job took a toll on Amy. Eventually, it all became too much to bear. She reached her
breaking point.

“I walked away from my life and didn’t have a place to stay,” says Amy. “I left behind all of the people, my apartment and everything in it. I only had the
clothes on my back and left everything else. I didn’t know what to do.”


Out of options and out of hope, Amy cried out to to Harvest Home in her time of need. From the moment she arrived, Amy felt encouraged by the love and care from the staff. Powerful testimonies from other Harvest Home women inspired her and gave her confidence that she could turn her life around.

Now, Amy’s relationship with Jesus is restored, she’s learning how to walk in peace and her relationship with her two young-adult children is stronger than
ever. “They see the changes in me already,” Amy says. “They’re just so happy. My daughter tells me, ‘Mom, you’re so inspiring.’”

Set free from the cycle of overworking and over drinking, Amy wakes up every day knowing her God-given purpose is to help people — and she’s fulfilling that calling by working at the Mission’s Women’s Day Room.

Amy says, “I was motivated to work there because of all the kindness, love and support I received from staff. I want to help and make a difference in
someone’s life.”


Amy is thankful for the compassionate people at the Mission, sobriety and having Jesus in her life again. She’s also thankful for you. “I could have never become sober on my own,” Amy says. “I am so grateful for what you do. I’m amazed. This really is a wonderful place.”

Your prayerful generosity makes it possible for people like Amy who have no hope left to rebuild their lives after addiction and loss. Thank you for helping us provide a loving place where people can get back on their feet!

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