Your generosity helped Ryan find freedom from years of addiction!

On the surface, Ryan was living the life of his dreams. He was well-off, engaged, and a successful chef at his own restaurant. But underneath his achievements were decades of alcohol addiction. “I kept it together, but I was physically and emotionally falling apart,” says Ryan.

Ryan could only push his struggles under the rug for so long. Addiction was controlling his life, and he realized that if he didn’t seek help then, it would be too late. Putting life on pause to find help felt like a high cost. But it was a price worth paying if it meant lasting change. “I abandoned my life to come to Haven of Rest,” says Ryan. On the other side of Ryan’s surrender, he found new life.


When Ryan describes the new clarity he has, he can’t put it into adequate words. “I finally got out of the haze I was in,” he says. “I don’t know how I survived as long as I did before coming here.”

The journey to full recovery wasn’t quick and easy for Ryan. “It took grace and discipline to regain my work ethic, habits, and passion for life,” he says. Having a committed community of men and loving staff made all the difference.


Here at Haven of Rest, Ryan found the help and tools he needed to rebuild his life on a solid foundation. Through interning in the Men’s Day Room and running the kitchen, he began to find purpose and passion again.

Now, Ryan plans to continue working in the recovery field and helping other
men overcome the struggles he once faced. “Coming here has been a turning point in my life,” he says.

Your giving helps make life-transformation possible — for Ryan and so many others. “I wish that you could see the lives changed in front of your eyes,” says Ryan. “Your support is not just a gift. It’s a life-changing gift.”

There are struggling neighbors in our community who started this new year hungry, homeless, and hopeless. Your support today will open the door to their new start!

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