Emily and her son had nowhere to go.
Your support gave them hope!

Emily became pregnant right when the pandemic hit.

Forced to leave her adoptive dad’s house, she had no choice but to move in with her son’s dad. Though it seemed like the best option, the situation turned dangerous quickly.

“His dad ended up being abusive,” says Emily. “I was trying to do the right thing, but it ended up very bad.”

After her son, Jeremiah, was born, Emily attempted to flee for safety. But the dad caught them. She became trapped in the house with him for another six months with no outside contact.

The situation became so dire that Emily knew she had to escape. Vulnerable and with nowhere to go, she left to put space between herself and her son’s dad. She was entirely alone.

Emily was determined to find a better life. But after securing a job and housing, she couldn’t find childcare. She had no choice but to resign from her job. Soon, Emily could no longer pay rent. “I was definitely scared,” she says.

With no family or support around her, Emily didn’t know who to turn to for help. And to make things more challenging, Jeremiah was experiencing behavioral issues due to being on the autism spectrum. Emily knew that without help, she and Jeremiah would end up on the streets.


Out of options, Emily came to Haven of Rest. She hadn’t felt security in so long and needed a safe place to get back on her feet and focus on being a good mother for Jeremiah. Harvest Home was that place.

Emily found spiritual encouragement, a creative outlet through Harvest Home’s sewing class, and even extra support for her son. “People often think Jeremiah is being bad and don’t understand that he’s just overstimulated,” says Emily. “He wasn’t talking when we got here, but Haven has been really helpful, and now he’s using words.”


Having grown up in a Christian home, Emily isn’t a stranger to God’s love. But the terrifying circumstances she felt trapped in before coming to Harvest Home were enough to make His presence seem distant.

“I stopped praying and was angry at God, asking Him, Why would You let us go through this?” says Emily. Looking back on it, she now knows God was present in those moments all along. “There are situations where I could’ve died. But Jeremiah and I were protected the whole time.”

Safe from harm’s way and surrounded by support, Emily is finally free to plan for the life that once felt impossible for her and Jeremiah. And it’s thanks to your generosity.

“I would’ve been out on the street and lost my son,” says Emily. “You’re helping Harvest Home change lives in a really great way.”

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